Evolution of Tokenization on web 3.0

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STP 2.0 gives users access to multi-chain assets and new financial products on different blockchains without heavy over-collateralization or expensive bridge fees.

Cross-chain Tokenization

Enabling the issuance and trading of assets and indices on web 3.0


Anyone can tokenize an asset by locking up collateral in the form of stablecoin. 


Burn the amount initially issued to receive the locked collateral amount.


Anyone can create their own basket of assets by locking up collateral in the form of stablecoin. 


Assets will be integrated with existing DeFi protocols across multiple platforms.

Evolution of STP

STP 2.0 will allow users to gain exposure to a multitude of different assets across chains in a principled way.

Enables cross-chain capability, allowing for faster, cheaper transactions than the increasingly crowded Ethereum ecosystem.

Track the performance of a group of underlying assets across various blockchain platforms.

Ensure that minters have sufficient collateral to hold their positions.

Choose the pricing function in a more principled way, allowing pools to offer tighter trades.

Create optimal experience for quickly swap and give minters choice in what sources of debt they are exposed to.

Enhance product adoption and the growth of both the number of assets offered and the activity on each asset.

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