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Standard Tokenization Protocol is an open-source standard defining how tokenized assets are issued and transferred while complying with all necessary regulations. Tokens built on top of the STP-Standard will use the protocol’s on-chain Validator to verify compliance with any jurisdictional or issuer-specific requirements.

Standard Tokenization Protocol allows assets to be tokenized in a way that makes them fully compliant across jurisdictions and transferable across any blockchain platform.


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Asset owners use Standard Tokenization Protocol to originate, structure, and execute the tokenization and syndication of their new offering.


Institutions can leverage Block72 for institutional sales & trading, industry research, liquidity solutions, restructuring, and Merchant Banking services.

Retail Investors

Retail investors can use Block72’s mobile app investment platform for token & asset management services.

Use Cases

Compliant Tokenization​

Issuers can use Standard Tokenization Protocol to execute the tokenization of their assets. STP’s onchain Compliance Validator ensures global compliance at all times, giving issuers the best of all financing options: the liquidity of an IPO, the speed and efficiency of an ICO, and the compliance assurances of a regulated offering.

Mobile Platform

Retail investors will be able to access new STP-Standard token offerings through the mobile app as well as wealth management tools for managing their STP-Standard token holdings. This single platform for all STP offerings will help individuals find and invest in the right projects for them, while helping projects reach the right audience and grow their communities.

Onchain Launchpad

The STP token enables new financial tools such as onchain crowdfunding where investors access new offerings by sending STP tokens directly to a smart contract which automatically returns the new STP-Standard token to the investor.

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