Staking Status Report

 PoB Lockup:

 16,557,832 STPT (6.77%)

 Unlocked Circulating Supply:

224,811,743 STPT 

 MTO Burn:

 3,140,867 STPT (1.29%)

Total Circulating Supply (Locked + Unlocked):

241,369,575 STPT (12.15%) / 1,987,037,017 STPT

PoB Staking

Proof of Business (PoB) Staking plan is that STP Ecosystem partners can stake STPT tokens and earn various staking rewards for different lockup durations.

MTO Consuming

Micro Token Offering (MTO) plan is that STPT token holders can buy tickets to participate in a lottery for a chance to win fully unlocked tokens of hot new projects in the STP ecosystem at significant discounts to market value.

To Be Announced