Micro Token Offering

What is Micro Token Offering ?

An MTO (Micro Token Offering) is a chance for individuals to win unlocked tokens of top-quality projects in the STP ecosystem at significant discounts. Anyone in the crypto community can participate in these 3-day MTO events by locking up STPT tokens in the MTO pool -  the more STPT they use to participate, the better their chance of winning. All STPT tokens in the MTO pool are entered into a provably fair process to determine the winners. A handful of winners get access to new project tokens at a 50% discount, and all the remaining STPT from the competition will be permanently locked.

How to Participate:


Step 1
Send at least 20 STPT into the Event Address.

The more STPT you send, the higher your chance of winning discounted project tokens!


Step 2
You can then check your score immediately on our live leaderboard.

Scores are determined by a publicly disclosed calculation method based on your TxID.


Step 3
Winners with the highest scores win tokens from STP Ecosystem partner projects, fully unlocked, at steep discounts!


Step 4
All the remaining STPT tokens in the MTO Pool are then permanently consumed.

Event Address:

Current MTO Round:


Total award : $34,860 worth of Aergo Token

MTO Facts:

MTO Roadmap:

MTO Round 1

July 2nd - July 5th:

MTO Round 2

July 9th - July 12th:

MTO Round 3

July 16th - July 19th:

MTO Round 4

July 30th - Aug. 2nd:

*Nothing herein shall constitute or be construed as an offering of securities or as investment advice or investment recommendations by STP or any of its affililiates. STP is not providing any broker-dealer, investment advisory, legal, financial or tax- related service. Potential participants must conduct their own due diligence of any issuer, token or token-based security. You are solely responsible for determining whether any investment, investment strategy, token or token-based security is appropriate for you based on your personal investment objectives, financial circumstances and risk tolerance.